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Who we are

Pl8ypus is a UK based Eloqua agency.  A niche player in an overcrowded agency marketplace, our handpicked team specialize in one thing, Eloqua.  Every team member is that unicorn you’ve been looking for, that rare breed of marketer/developer.  They have been marketing practitioners so they understand marketing automation theory and they have honed their development skills so they can build and customize anything you want on the Eloqua platform.


We are more than just another Eloqua agency.  We are your Eloqua partner.

What we do

Eloqua full service

Eloqua emails

All emails build, tested and approved by within a 3 day SLA.

Eloqua landing pages

Eloqua landing pages setup and approved within a 3 day SLA.

Eloqua forms

Forms setup, approved and integration tested within a 3 day SLA.

Eloqua campaigns

Simple, A/B testing and multi-step Eloqua campaigns deployed within SLA.

Eloqua reporting

Individual Eloqua campaign reports delivered as standard.

Eloqua development

Eloqua backend program design

Additional back end program development for complex reporting and data manipulation

Eloqua / CRM integration services

Building and maintaining Eloqua integrations into CRM and other backend data sources.

Eloqua email design & template build

Bespoke Design and build of Eloqua email templates for use by by the full service team. 

Eloqua landing page template design & build

Custom design and maintenance of Eloqua landing page templates for full service team.

Eloqua consulting

Eloqua training

Bespoke Eloqua training for your team so they can perform their Eloqua related job functions.

Campaign advice

Complex Eloqua campaign success advice & design alongside your Eloqua marketing team. 

Eloqua architecture

Design and redesign of backend program stack to ensure optimal usage of Eloqua.

Eloqua maturity

Eloqua continual improvement program to constantly enhance platform capabilities.

Our pricing model is as easy to understand as a pizza takeway menu.

How we operate

Eloqua delivery portal

Instanly raise Eloqua requests and view the exact delivery status of each request instantly in one place.  You can also leave feedback for our services and view all resolution times.

Eloqua invoicing portal

At a glance view or download all and any invoices.  Our Eloqua invoice portal will also organize communications and speed up quote conveyencing.

Eloqua delivery portal

Simply login to your Eloqua client portal and intuitively request Eloqua delivery services using pre-built request forms.

360' view of all Eloqua assets & campaigns

Our Eloqua clients have access to a client area that allow them to see at a glance, the exact delivery status of all Eloqua assets ad campaigns.

Faster delivery

With pre-built clever automations, our delivery process runs smoothly. Different SLAs and Workflow rules have been setup to make sure all your Eloqua campaigns and assets are delivered on time – every time.

Personalized interaction

For Eloqua questions that need personal attention, you can make a request from the Help Center. You can also track your requests’ statuses and see all comments in the interface.

More insights and reports

We measure how much our customer service has improved and how happy you are. Details like highest Eloqua client request traffic periods and typical resolution time for Eloqua asset delivery allow us to find bottlenecks and resolve them quickly. 

Eloqua invoicing portal

We offer our Eloqua clients the convenience of accessing their estimates, invoices, and timesheets in a single place.

Work smarter with you as a client

Using our Eloqua Client Portal, you can keep track of all transactions. It will will also notify you when invoices have been paid with a real-time status view.

Share project details with you

If required we can enable the option to share project details, so that you can view bigger projects, associated tasks, and logged and unbilled hours. Your can also make advance payments for their projects through the portal.

Instantly available statement of accounts

Your don’t have to wait for us to send their statement of accounts any longer. Now, you can simply download a PDF copy, or print them through the Client Portal.

Hassle-free collaboration

No more back-and-forth emails when trying to finalize an estimate or negotiating a deal. With our Eloqua client portal, we can collaborate with your you in real-time.

Feedback and service improvement

We value reviews from our Eloqua clients through the Portal. You can easily leave reviews, rating and feedback so we can continue to strive to consistently provide you with the best Eloqua services in the world.

We make using an Eloqua agency as easy as the ordering and delivery process on Amazon.

Why choose us

  • Focused on Eloqua 100% 100%
  • Transparent pricing 100% 100%
  • Accurate billing instantly 100% 100%
  • Control of asset delivery 100% 100%
  • Efficient quotes 100% 100%
  • Assets delivered on time 100% 100%
If you owned a Ferrari would you want it by serviced expert Ferrari mechanics or general car ones?

You own the best marketing automation platform on the planet.  Imagine the platform is that car and we are your mechanics.

  • We are proud to work exclusively on the Eloqua platform.
  • We are experts on Eloqua.
  • We all have strong Eloqua based marketing experience.
  • Our Eloqua delivery process is unparalleled.
  • We are commited to making each one of our clients an Eloqua success story.
  • Our agency has been designed using our combined knowledge of what works in other agencies.
  • We won’t be beaten on service.
  • You speak directly to the people working on your account.
  • We don’t offshore any Eloqua work – you get exactly what you pay for.


100% No program or account managers, you speak to the person that works with you.

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