Reasons to Object to 340 proposed houses in Radlett and Aldenham

  1. Inappropriate development on Greenbelt land. No very special circumstances exist to approve development. Greenbelt is essential to sequester carbon from the atmosphere, we need it to fight climate change
  2. Hertsmere as a borough is 80% greenbelt and this is a special characteristic of the rural area and should be protected
  3. Overdevelopment- thousands of houses proposed on already strained road infrastructure is untenable, some in dangerous access locations. Lack of services such as doctors and schools to support the development.
  4. Housing targets are not mandatory and according to CPRE Herts are calculated using inaccurate assumption
  5. Visual openness and rural characteristics of the area would be harmed in these proposals, including harm to historic sites. Harm to wildlife, hedgerows, increased flooding and soil erosion.
  6. Lack of amenity spaces enjoyed by residents and loss of public footpaths and public rights of way
  7. A new town in Colney called Bowman’s Cross with thousands of houses would have no rail links and put a huge strain on local infrastructure. The loss of greenbelt in this site alone would be a staggering 1200 acres.

CPRE Herts: Their initial analysis and draft of the local plan

Very large amounts of protected Green Belt land are still proposed for development, circa 600 hectares, or the equivalent of approximately 862 football pitches, including the sites shown below in our image gallery;

Continued use of the “Standard Method” and out-of-date population and household projections – more recent data shows the Local Plan housing target could be reduced further; and
Insufficient consideration of opportunities for brownfield redevelopment and for bringing empty homes back into occupancy.

The release of 600 hectares (circa 1500 acres) land from the Green Belt is still a huge loss of open countryside. That is a far greater figure than that proposed in the recent Draft Local Plans for Dacorum Borough (466 hectares of Green Belt would be lost) and Three Rivers District (57 hectares of Green Belt would be lost.)

Object now and register your views

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